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Serving is a great way to grow spiritually, get involved and be a part of what God is doing! Our serving is a tangible outpouring of Christ’s love that creates opportunities for people to encounter Christ. Each week, countless volunteers dedicate their time, talents and energy to help build the Kingdom and see people come to know Christ. There’s an abundance of serving opportunities, so come experience the joy and satisfaction of building God’s Kingdom as we serve together!

Where Do I Start?

The place to start is Discovery. It’s a great environment to learn about the church, your unique gifts and about the opportunities we have to serve. You’ll also be given the opportunity to try a First Serve. There is no commitment with a First Serve, it’s just a chance for you try out a service team and see what you think. We’d love to help you connect into a team once you have completed Discovery, feel free to sign up below and a leader will contact you soon!

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If you are interested in joining our Worship Team, please check out their info page.

Important Keys For Serving:

We always want to serve from a position of strength. For this reason, when you serve, we ask that you attend at least one service per weekend and serve in another. Being in a service every weekend to worship and connect personally with God is essential to making sure that we continue to grow spiritually and stay strong as we serve.

There is no minimum requirement or number of times a month you have to serve to be on a team. However, some teams have specific requirements due to the level of specialization. We encourage serving in a service each weekend, but if you can only serve every other week or once a month, there’s a place for you, too!

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